Thursday, February 28, 2008

An Amazing New Film Project in Ethiopia

On March 8th (which is appropriate since it's International Women's Day), I will be landing in Ethiopia to shoot a film on another women's health issue that doesn't get much attention....unsafe abortion. Although nearly 70,000 women die from complications of self-induced abortions and millions are debilitated each year, it is yet to be seen as a serious public health and human rights issue. Because of the controversy surrounding the a-word, women are being shunned from receiving life-saving care, others are too ashamed to come forward for help, which all creates an environment where women are dieing unnecessarily. Despite anyone's belief about abortion, should a woman really die from it?

I'm working with the leading agency on this issue in the U.S. - Ipas ( - to develop an advocacy film and campaign to bring awareness to the plight of these women through a film told by Ethiopian women, families and communities that have been affected. I'll be shooting in Ethiopia for two weeks, in two locations. One in the main capital of Addis Ababa and the other in a more remote area. The intent is to really illustrate the complexities and challenges facing women who have decided to end a pregnancy.

Please check back here for more information. I'll be posting photos and where possible video clips during the shoot.


PS This photo is from my shoot in Burkina Faso last year but I think its perfect for International Women's Day!