Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wrapped new HIV/AIDS film

Greetings from Kenya!

Yesterday I finished my last shoot for a new film I'm doing on male circumcision and its impact it has on reducing HIV infections by 60%!  Initially, I had reservations doing the film, knowing it would be a controversial topic but the more research I've done and now after filmming in Swaziland and Kenya, I see how important this procedure is to compliment efforts to reduce new infections primarily in Southern Africa.

The untitled film is one I'm doing with AIDStar-One, an initiative of JSI which was funded by USAID.  I filmmed in Swaziland in August and in Western Kenya over the past week.  The film is intended to reach policymakers - National AIDS coordinators, USAID missions, etc - who make decisions about AIDS programming and funding.  Very important film!

Look for it in early 2011.  Learn more about male circumcision and HIV/AIDS by visiting the Male Circumcision Clearinghouse